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 We have been working together as a team for a combined 50 years in the cruise industry. Our expertise and professionalism will assure you of the best cruise vacation, at the best price possible. We will do whatever it takes to satisfy you, and promise that you will be treated as “family”.



Brett Carfa 1-800-209-0023

Brett has been in the luxury cruise industry since 1999, and has been fortunate to have been involved with Century Travel since the begining of her career. She has strong communication skills, and a firm understanding of people’s needs. Brett treats all of her customers with great care and understanding. All of her business is conducted on the phone, or by email, so a high level of trust is developed with each and every customer.


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Hersh Rosenberg  1-800-844-9415

Hersh has been in the luxury cruise industry since 1996. As an Internet sales pioneer, with strong communication skills, and a firm understanding of people’s needs, Hersh has built a loyal following of seasoned cruise travellers. Interestingly enough, since Hersh rarely meets any of his customers, because all of his business is conducted on the phone, or by email, a high level of trust must be developed with each customer. Over the years his customers have networked him into their friends, and their friend’s friend’s.

“My customers demand a high level of service, and I strive to please them in every way possible”. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with Century Travel, since the beginning of my travel career. This has afforded me great credence with customers, who might normally be reluctant to deal with a travel expert that they do not see in person.
I look forward to serving your cruise needs, and will treat you as I treat my own family. I have one customer who tells me all the time “I want my trip to be handled as if I was a baby. I don’t want to make any decisions, and I want to be pampered”. I treat all of my customers with great care and understanding.

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Jenny Malka  1-800-459-4649

Jenny is very pleased to have been part of the Century Travel team of cruise experts for the past seven years.
“My association with Century Travel has helped me tremendously in establishing bona fides, with all of my Internet customers. In an age, where trust has become the main ingredient in successful business relationships, I am very proud to have built a strong network of guests, who then refer me to their friends”.

Jenny has vast knowledge of the cruise lines, and their styles and methods, and can help you plan your cruise vacation with confidence and assurance, and with the knowledge that you have chosen the right cruise for you, at the right price.
“Having customers from all over the world has given me access to an understanding of other people’s culture and customs, and has enabled me to best understand how to please them”.
Among Jenny’s many abilities, is her complete fluency in the Russian language.
“I look forward to serving you, and helping you to plan a fun filled and rewarding cruise adventure”.

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Tina Zhang 1-800-844-9415

Tina is very happy to serve you and make your travel a wonderful experience!
“I developed my passion for travel when I entered university in Shanghai China, which is located far from my hometown. Every year I chose a different destination to visit during my vacation, and became fascinated by different people, diverse local cultures and all of the fascinating regional foods.
My desire to travel is never satiated. Now after a twenty-five year teaching career in university, I am now in the travel business. The exotic flavors of foreign lands appeal to me, and I am never tired of exploring and discovering the wonders of this world.
I have travelled extensively in China, and have also visited many other countries in Asia as well as the United States and Canada. My rich travel experience enables me to help you to plan your trip. I will walk with you through you whole travel experience. I am proud to be part of the Century Travel and Luxurycruising.com Team”.

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We look forward to treating you as “family”.

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